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Incredible and insane IDM release from local artist Sprit! [ETA013]


Deep house! Groovy and sexy hehe [ETA012]
Hardware Noise Techno! Collab between Sprit and PRYVYD. Dread Occasion! [ETA011]
Hardstyle single from the minds of Devin Lesh and IDCORE! Boise crew![ETA010]
Triple X! XXX by DUM BOY STICKY! His debut EP! Jumpstyle and Hardstyle [ETA009]
BASIC INSTINCT by CHOPPER aka chopper! [ETA008]
RavePal Volume 2. A compilation of hard dance music from SLC underground! [ETA007]
UNDERGROUND/STOCKTON RUSH. Debut release from Lost and Found's PRYVYD. [ETA006]

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